Services for Solicitors

The services I can provide

  • At the moment due to the Covid crisis most sessions are conducted online using Facetime or WhatsApp or telephone.
  • Psychological assessments of clients with conditions such as Panic Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Mental and Emotional Health.
  • Medico-Legal Reports for the Court for cases involving psychological issues such as: whether someone is suffering Post Traumatic Stress: whether Panic Attacks cause difficulties in giving a Breathalyser sample: does the person have any diagnosable psychological condition which could account for their behaviour.
  • Treatment of clients for psychological conditions arising from alleged criminal activity or accidents such as: treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (for which I have an excellent record), Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Stress, Depression, Phobias, and Panic Attacks.

o    I have many years of experience (35 years) in research into and the treatment of Panic Attacks and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and have written 4 books on these disorders.

o    Expert witness for Court appearances


  • My hourly rate is £140.
  • A Psychological Assessment involves: a 2 hr interview with the client: the application and scoring of a number of psychometric tests: reading of medical and other appropriate records: and writing the report.  This takes in total around 8 hours, and approximate costs for an assessment and report are around £1200.
  • A Report for the Court would involve similar costs.
  • A course of psychological therapy for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder would take about 10-15 sessions (depending on the severity of the trauma and the responsiveness of the patient to therapy) and would cost in the region of £1,800 -£2,500.
  • A course of therapy for Anxiety, Depression, and Panic Attacks would take about 8-10 sessions and would cost in the region of £1,500 – £1,800
  • Costs are based on the hourly rate and time spent.
  • For costs and terms for appearing as an Expert Witness. Payment can be made by BACS

o    Accounts not settled within 3 months of invoice may be subject to a surcharge unless a prior agreement has been made for extended terms

Where I see clients

o    My consulting rooms are at 10 Elgin Rd, Talbot Wood, Bournemouth BH4 9NL

Waiting times

    • I can usually make appointments within 2-4 weeks of a referral.
    • The preparation of a report can take an additional 2-4 weeks

Length of treatments

  • Treatment appointments are generally once a fortnight and monthly as the treatment progresses.
  • A full treatment for PTSD would take 9-12 months, and for other conditions around 6-8 months