roger baker


BA, PhD, CPsychol, CSci, FBPsS, FBABCP

Roger has worked in a dual role as researcher and Clinical Psychologist at Leeds, Aberdeen and Bournemouth Universities and in National Health Service Trusts specializing in Mental Health.  He is Professor of Clinical Psychology at Bournemouth University and Consultant Clinical Psychologist in the National Health Service.  He has specialized in the development of new emotion based therapies and assessments summarized in 3 books, ‘Understanding Panic Attacks and Overcoming Fear’ (now in its 3rd edition), ‘Emotional Processing: Healing through Feeling’ and ‘Understanding Trauma; to overcome post traumatic stress’


2007                         Chartered Scientist, British Psychological Society

1988                         Chartered Clinical Psychologist, British Psychological Society

1974                         Qualified Clinical Psychologist, Whitley Council

1971                         PhD in Clinical Psychology Topic, Leeds University

1967                         Bachelor of Arts Honours Psychology Degree, University College of North Wales, Bangor


2015                         Fellow, British Association of Behavioural Cognitive Psychotherapie

1996                         Member, World Association of Psychosocial Rehabilitation

1988                         Fellow, British Psychological Society


2008                         Professor of Clinical Psychology, Bournemouth University, School of Design, Engineering & Computing

2000-2003               Visiting Professor, Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability, Putney

1996-2008               Visiting Professor, Bournemouth University, Institute of Health & Community Studies

1995 – 2012            Director & Coordinator of Dorset Research & Development Support Unit,

Dorset  Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

1993 –                     Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Dorset Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

1982 – 93                Research Co-ordinator (Mental Health), Grampian Healthcare NHS Trust

1977 – 93                Honorary Senior Lecturer, Aberdeen University, Department of Mental Health

1986                       Acting Head, Clinical Psychology Service (Mental Health), Grampian Health Board

1988 – 93              Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Grampian Health Board

1982 – 88              Principal Clinical Psychologist, Grampian Health Board

1977 – 82              Senior Clinical Psychologist, Grampian Health Board

1974-77                 Honorary Basic Grade Psychologist, Wakefield Area Health Authority

1970-77                 Research Fellow (DHSS & Mental Health Research Fund) Leeds University, Dept of Psychiatry Research Assistant, Leeds University, Dept of Psychiatry

1967-69                Research Assistant, Leeds University, Dept of Psychiatry

2010                            Chair, UK Multiple Sclerosis Social Research Panel and Member of the Research Strategy Committee

2007                            Member, International Editorial Board of ‘Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy & Research’

1997-                           Patron of Agoraphobic Link Line, a Registered Charity

1993-                          Member of International Editorial Board of ‘Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy and Research’ and Referee for British Journal of Clinical Psychology, International Journal of Methods in Psychiatric Research & John Wiley        

Publishing series in Clinical Psychology

1990 –                          Member of numerous University and Health Service Research Committees



Baker, R. and J. N. Hall (1984). REHAB Evaluation Hall and Baker. Aberdeen, Vine Publishing.

Baker, R. (1989). Panic Disorder: Theory, Research and Therapy. Chichester, John Wiley.

Baker, R. (1996, 2003, 2011). Understanding Panic Attacks and Overcoming Fear. Oxford, Lion Publishing.  Now in 3rd edition.  Also translated into German, Portugese, Swedish, French, Polish, Indian, Chinese and Arabic

Baker, R. (2007) Emotional Processing: Healing through Feeling.  Oxford, Lion-Hudson.

Baker R (2010) Understanding Trauma; How to overcome Post Traumatic Stress.  Oxford: Lion-Hudson

Book Chapters

10 Book Chapter between 1970 & 2006

Journal Articles

45 Academic Journal articles between 1971 & 2012 on topics including emotional processing, behavior therapy, CBT, counselling, schizophrenia, panic attacks, PTSD, dementia and alcoholism.


24 commissioned Research Reports between 1977 & 2007

Conference Proceedings

108 papers or workshop delivered at local, national or international conferences related to psychological therapy, emotions and psychological disorders.


Baker, R. (1971). The Use of Operant Conditioning to Reinstate the Speech of Mute Schizophrenics. Department of Psychiatry. Leeds, University of Leeds.

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